Why is it important to protect your products form online piracy?

Anti-Piracy Services

Despite the introduction of stricter laws by governments across nations, online piracy has failed to see a decline. Online piracy took up 24% of the total internet bandwidth in 2012, a number only poised to increase. While piracy could sometimes be a product of unintentional actions, its adverse effects runs up in billions of dollars across industries and geographies.

It has become easier to pirate software, music, TV Shows, movies, and even books. YouTube has a staggering 33% videos uploaded by fans showing advertisements. Online anti-piracy services have to a large extend but some of the most popular music and movies today are available on torrent sites, which raises a simple question – Why is it important for you to protect your products from online piracy?

Increased Annual Returns

The most obvious benefit of protecting your products from online piracy by hiring anti-piracy services is the increase in sales revenue. Because you are depriving piracy websites from stealing your product or content, customers who would otherwise pirate your product would now have no other option but to buy it, resulting in increased sales numbers.

Microsoft’s Office, for example, holds the mantle for the most pirated software. These downloads, which would have otherwise been paid downloads, have become bleed areas for Microsoft, and they are not alone. Adobe too, with its suite of CC Products, faces stiff competition from online piracy.

Protecting Your Source Code

Online piracy makes it easy for anyone from any corner of the world to gain access to your product, even those who do not have any use of it. By broadening your user base (albeit unintentionally) you also increase the chances of hackers and coders altering the source code of your software, or alter any functionality of your product, thus resulting in brand theft. Online brand protection then becomes essential for your product and its intended use.

Protecting your source code would also mean there won’t be any counterfeited products offering what your product does, thus maintaining your edge in the market. This is a good way to ward off any competitors.

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Personal Gains and Motivation

There’s no hiding the fact that piracy has also led to the downfall of many companies (Blockbuster), while also contributing to the increased levels of unemployment. With anti-piracy services, your product goes into the market with the necessary gamut of options. Your product is now earning your company hefty profits, thus leading to continuous employment while also maintaining job security, thus motivating your employees to further better the product and work on newer technology. They are aware their jobs are safe and that somebody across oceans can not pirate their product.

When your employees are appreciated for the hard-work they put in, your company automatically benefits from windfall gains.

Changing Lanes

In 2016, there were over 191 billion visits to piracy websites, a number big enough to scare even the biggest of companies. Hiring anti-piracy services helps keep your product afloat, giving you royalties even after development. Many websites have come under the radar, but there always seems to be an escape.

The sooner artists and tech giants realise online piracy exposure always carries a negative effect, the better it would be for the internet in totality. Online anti-piracy services play a big role here.

Source: Digitage-ip.com


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